Waste Levy information and communication packs and website

Published: 9th April 2019

The Waste Levy Regulation was approved and commences 1 July 2019. SEE previous web alert.

The State Government has developed a waste levy communication pack and website that councils can use to assist in providing information to both businesses and community members.

The communication packs contain:

  • Factsheet for business
  • Factsheet for the community
  • Social/newsletter/web content information
  • 6 social media tiles

DOWNLOAD the pack from Dropbox

The information in these packs are available to councils to provide local businesses and community members with information on the waste levy, via your own communication channels.

The State Government has also launched its new waste levy site that has now gone live. This site provides specific information for councils, businesses, landfill operators and residents and can be found at www.qld.gov.au/waste-disposal-levy.